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ITG-130-St Antuan Church

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The church, which brings the Christian world together on important days, is also a frequent destination for tourists. The place of worship, one of the remarkable buildings on Istiklal Street, is one of the churches with the largest congregation in Istanbul. The history of the church dates back to the 13th century. Members of the Christian Franciscan order moved several times over time due to political changes and fires after settling in Istanbul. Finally, in 1724, they built a church in Pera and settled in the region. The church, which was generally attended by Latin Catholics, was demolished for the newly built tramway at that time. For this reason, the search for land for the new church began and it was decided to build the church where it is today. The construction, which started in 1906, was interrupted due to financial inadequacies and was completed in 1912. Designed by architect Mongeri, the church hosted the first mass led by a pope (Pope Paul VI) in Turkey in 1967. Because it is the largest church in Istanbul, St. Antuan is the most popular spot in Istanbul during Christian religious holidays.

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