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Bergama was the center of the Pergamon Kingdom, which lasted 150 years, and was the scene of various civilizations for centuries in ancient times. This is one of the rare places whose historical texture has been preserved until today. In fact, it is known as the city of firsts in history. Pergamon has achieved many firsts such as the first Asian Library, the first large hospital, the first parchment, theatre, sports, music or the first city with the steepest theatre. Bergama, with its 8,500-year history, is a place that lived through the Ionian, Roman, Byzantine civilizations, Hellenic and Ottoman periods. It is really sad that there is little interest in this place, which carries history to its roots in our country.
Bergama, known as Pergamon in ancient times, was one of the most important art and culture centers of the Hellenistic period.
The city, which was the capital of the Hellenistic Kingdom of Pergamon, was also the center of the Asian province during the Roman rule. The city, under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Macedonia, was founded in B.C. following the death of Alexander the Great. In 301, the Macedonian Commander Lysimachus declared his kingship, and thus the Pergamon Kingdom period, which lasted for 150 years, began.
The Kingdom of Pergamum has a unique architecture that remains from this kingdom, which extends from the coast of the Marmara Sea to the Mediterranean.
Bergama has been the center of health, culture and art throughout history. Asklepion, one of the important health centers of the ancient period, is on the list of historical places in Izmir with its places such as the Acropolis, the first settlement area, and the Red Courtyard, the temple of the Egyptian gods.
He also accomplished many firsts that changed history in Bergama. The first known parchment in history, the first city with four theaters, and the first natural treatment inventions came to life in these lands.

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