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ITG-146-Gallipoli Historical Area (Eceabat)

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The Gallipoli Wars are a defense epic won by the superhuman resistance of the Turkish Nation against the world's most powerful states, under the leadership of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal. In this war that lasted 8.5 months, both sides of the Bosphorus turned into hell and nearly half a million lives were lost.

  The monuments and martyrs' cemeteries built in memory of hundreds of thousands of casualties in the Battle of Gallipoli, one of the world's largest wars between the Allied Powers and the Ottoman Army in the First World War, not only remind us of the suffering of the war, but also reveal one of the magnificent victories of history. The Historical Area, which includes monuments rising on the cherished memories of more than 250,000 Turkish martyrs and areas where more than 250,000 British, French, Australian and New Zealand soldiers are buried, tells the whole world about the value of peace today.

The Çanakkale Land and Sea Battles are commemorated with ceremonies every year on 18 March and 24 April.

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