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ITG-126-Ancient City of Ephesus

“ Daily Ephesus Tour ”

Contents of the Ancient City of Ephesus:

The Temple of Artemis
Known as the first marble temple in the world, the Temple of Artemis is one of the must-see places in Izmir Ephesus Ancient City. This temple, built for the goddess Artemis, is among the symbols of the region.
Library of Celsus
The Library of Celsus, built during the Roman period, is known as the third largest library of the Ancient Age.
ancient theater
Ephesus Ancient Theatre, considered the largest ancient theater in the world, is used for concerts and shows today. When it was built, it hosted gladiator fights and became one of the most important sources of income of the period.
Agora Square
Various official buildings were lined up around the Agora Square, which was the meeting and meeting area of the city. Therefore, it was in a very active position. Additionally, Ephesus Water Palace is located in Agora Square.
Temple of Domitian
The temple, built in the name of Roman Emperor Domitian, is known as the first pagan temple built for a mortal in history. It is known that the temple began to be used as a monastery after the adoption of Christianity.
Curetes Street
Kuretler Street, which is considered the first main street in Izmir Ephesus Ancient City, covers an area of 280 meters long. The street takes its name from the Kuret priests who were assigned to protect the sacred fire. It is said that statues were built on both sides of the street where shops and workshops were located during the Byzantine Empire.
Gate of Hercules
While talking about Curetes Street, we cannot help but mention the Herakles Gate. This gate, located on Kuretler Street, is being built to separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It has Herakles reliefs on it. It takes its name from these reliefs.

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