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Beylerbeyi Palace was planned as a summer resort for the Ottoman sultans and a state guesthouse where foreign heads of state or rulers would be hosted, and it was built upon the request of the sultan of the time, Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1876). The construction of the palace started on 6 August 1863 and was officially opened for use with a ceremony on Friday, 21 April 1865. The construction organization of the palace was carried out by Ebniye-i Şâhâne Serkalfası (Palace Head) Serkiz Bey (Balyan). Mehmed Efendi, Mahmud Efendi and Rıfat Efendi carried out the duty of building stewardship, which can also be called the financial and administrative affairs responsibility of Beylerbeyi Palace. It is determined that the palace cost approximately 500 thousand Ottoman liras.

Beylerbeyi Palace, the main structure of the group of buildings, is a two-storey masonry building on a high basement. Built on an area of approximately 2,500 square meters, the building sits on a rectangular floor area. The southern part of the palace was organized as Mabeyn-i Hümâyûn, and the northern part was organized as Valide Sultan's Office. There are a total of 6 living rooms, 24 rooms, 1 bath and 1 bathroom on both floors. Beylerbeyi Palace, built by mixing Western and Eastern styles, has the characteristics of a Turkish house plan with its Harem and Mabeyn sections. The roof of the building is hidden from above with a parapet that hides all the edges of the facade. The plan of the palace has a plan composition based on the central hall motif with iwan. The scheme in Beylerbeyi Palace consists of three parts. These sections; Mabeyn-i Hümâyûn, Bedroom (Sultan's Office) and Valide Sultan's Office. The main Harem section, which belongs to the ladies and women, which was built parallel to the sea and immediately after the Valide Sultan Office, was built separately from the main building; This structure has not survived to the present day. The entrance façade of Mabeyn-i Hümâyûn shows an arrangement in which the Neo-baroque emphasis is more evident. The interior arrangements of the palace, such as its masses and facades, were also shaped with a selective approach.

Due to the passion of Sultan Abdülaziz, who built Beylerbeyi Palace, for the sea, sea and ship themes were engraved in some of the frames and cartouches on the ceilings of the palace; Sultan Abdülaziz even drew patterns with sea and ship themes to give ideas to painters.

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