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ITG-136-Sultanahmet Prison

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The building, which is today's Four Seasons Hotel, located in the eastern part of Sultanahmet Square, next to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, was formerly the Sultanahmet Prison. Both Tevkifhane and Kutlugün streets, between which it is located, were named after the prison. The street where the entrance gate of the prison is located was called Tevkifhane, and the street where the back gate was located and where the prisoners were released and freed was named Kutlugün.

The prison, known to have a capacity of one thousand people, contained an infirmary and special sections for children and women, as well as many wards. A square planned masonry brick building with a courtyard in the middle and a high-looking structure. Architectural historians agree that the building has a style unique to the 1st National Architecture Period. The name of the architect of the building is not found in the records, but it is claimed that it may be the work of architect Vedat (Tek) Bey. The tiles used on the exterior of the building belong to the famous tile master of the period, Hafız Mehmed Emin from Kütahya. Sultanahmet Prison is considered one of the important architectural structures transferred from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic.

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