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ITG-135-The French Prison

“ Daily Tour ”

The French Prison, located in the Küçük Hagia Sophia District, is one of our historical places that has survived from the 1800s to the present day and has made itself known despite being disused and dilapidated in certain periods. The prison, where French prisoners looked through the bars, has now been turned into a cultural center by the Municipality and made functional again. The prison building, which is used today as the Ali Müfit Gürtuna Cultural Center, was used as the Governor's Barn by the Ottomans in ancient times. In the first years of the Republic, it served for various purposes. The prison has 20 rooms, a kitchen, a dining hall and even a bath. Of course, these sections have now become theater halls, exhibition, painting and music rooms. It is now a place where cultural and artistic activities come to life.

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