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ITG-128-Istanbul Golden Horn

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The Golden Horn, which is the inner port of Istanbul, was called Halic-i Konstantiniye during the Ottoman period. It literally means bay at the mouth of the river. It is located between Istanbul's Sarayburnu Peninsula and Beyoğlu and is a bay that separates Istanbul and Beyoğlu. At the same time, the Golden Horn divides the European side into two. When viewed from a bird's eye view from the Golden Horn, which has many beautiful views around it, the walls of Kağıthane and Alibeyköy are revealed. The Golden Horn, which was very important during the Ottoman period, is known to have been carried by 70 ships on land with sledges, especially when Mehmet the Conqueror was about to conquer Istanbul, and brought them down to the Golden Horn from the Galata ridge. One of the views of the Golden Horn, which still provides living space and ease of transportation, is Pierre Loti. Watching the Golden Horn from Pierre Loti is experiencing Istanbul.

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