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ITG-126-Camlica Hill and Camlica Mosque

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Camlýca Hill: Beyond being a city famous for its historical and cultural riches, Istanbul is also a fascinating place with its unique geography. Within this fascination, there is a magnificent natural beauty surrounding both sides of the city: Camlýca Hill. On this hill, which offers a breathtaking view from both sides of the Bosphorus, you can get away from the crowds of the city and enjoy peace and nature. Camlýca Hill is like a terrace offering a magnificent view of the Bosphorus connecting the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul. Especially sunset and night views are waiting to fascinate visitors.

Camlýca Mosque: Camlýca Mosque is among the largest mosques in Turkey. The number and length of minarets of this mosque are quite higher than other mosques. Camlýca Mosque is a mosque with a capacity large enough for 63 thousand people to worship at the same time. The construction of Camlýca Mosque started on August 6, 2013. The construction of the mosque took approximately 6 years. The mosque was fully completed on May 3, 2019. The date when the construction of the mosque would be completed was predicted for the first time in 2016. But the mosque could not be opened in 2016. But in 2016, Camlýca Mosque was opened to visitors. Its official opening took place in 2019.

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