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ITG-125-Sapanca Lake Tour

“ Daily Sapanca Tour ”

Sapanca Lake is a lake located within the borders of Sapanca district, to the east of Izmit Bay. This lake, which was formed as a result of tectonic formations, is one of the places frequented by people traveling in summer or winter. Among the fish found in the lake in Sapanca district of Sakarya; There are carp, catfish, pike and trout species. In addition, Sapanca Lake takes its source from snow water coming from the mountains. The water of Sapanca Lake rises in winter and spring and decreases towards autumn. The lake, which is just one of our geographical beauties, is a place worth visiting. In addition to its natural beauties, it is also easily accessible from the surrounding residential areas and is flooded with visitors, especially on weekends. It is a center open to requests for accommodation purposes from Istanbul and the surrounding provinces and districts. There are also camping and picnic areas in the Arifiye Forest near Sapanca Lake. If you want to get away from the stress and chaos of city life and be alone with nature, visiting Sapanca Lake will give you peace.

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