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ITG-107-Islands of Istanbul

“ Islands of Istanbul ”

Istanbul's Adalar district has an island group consisting of 9 islands, large and small, known as the Prince Islands or Red Islands (Büyükada, Heybeliada, Kınalıada, Burgazada, Sedef Island, Yassıada, Sivriada, Kaşık Island, Tavşan Island) and Vordonos Island.
We have a day trip to two of these island groups.

Heybeliada: The second largest island of the Prince Islands, the island is called Heybeliada because when viewed from afar, the island resembles a saddlebag left on the ground.

Büyükada: There are two hills on Büyükada, the largest of the Prince Islands. İsa Hill (164 m.) and Yüce Hill (202 m.), with a valley between them, are surrounded by the coast. The entire island is 4.3 kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers wide, making it larger and more densely populated than the other three islands.

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