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ITG-139-Red Valley Tour

“ Daily Tour ”

To reach the valley entrance, you need to go to Kızılçukur sunset view terrace from Ortahisar. The view terrace is a place where people who want to watch the sunset, especially in Cappadocia, meet in the evening. There is a large area where you can park your car on the view terrace. To enter Kızılçukur Valley, you need to enter the path leading to Üzümlü Church, 250 meters below. Just before coming to Üzümlü Church, there is a sign showing the entrance path to the valley. The distance to be walked is not specified on the sign. The total walking distance from the valley entrance to Çavuşin Village is approximately 5000 m. It can be visited in 3-4 hours at a comfortable pace.
Kızılçukur Valley walk starts after visiting Üzümlü Church. The frescoes of this church were made before the iconoclast period and have survived to the present day. It is one of the rare churches with this feature in Cappadocia. The monk who painted the frescoes is St. Nichitas. The cell of the monk, who takes St. Simeon as an example, is in the upper part of the church.
  When you start walking through Kızılçukur Valley, you pass through several tunnels. The longest of the tunnels is 37 m. A small flashlight will be useful while passing through this tunnel, which is dark in the middle. The tunnel ends with a steep descent with a height of about 20 m. Two iron stairs are mounted here. Descents are made using these stairs. When descending the stairs, it is more appropriate to go down the stairs upside down, facing the stairs, both to avoid being affected by the height and for safety reasons. After a while, Kızılçukur Valley merges with Meskendir Valley. After this, the walk follows Meskendir Valley and ends in Çavuşin Village.

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