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ITG-138-Uchisar Castle

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Uçhisar Castle is the only place where Erciyes and Hasan Mountains can be seen together. The place where the creator of Mount Erciyes, that is, the Cappadocia Region, can be seen best is Uçhisar Castle. Since the Roman period, many rooms, houses, shelters, warehouses, cisterns, tombs and crypts have been carved into it, and it has been an important defense point against Arab raids. Large stone cannonballs were kept on it, which were used for defense against attackers. Uçhisar Castle, which was used both as a watchtower and a defensive castle, maintained its importance during the Seljuk and Principality periods. (12th-14th centuries) The castle, which is generally the border region of the principalities, began to be known as "Uçhisar" due to its location as the eastern border of the Seljuks, the western border of the Kadı Burhanettin Principality, and the eastern border of the Karamanoğulları. Başhisar (Ürgüp), Ortahisar and Uçhisar Castles, built at the highest points of the region, constituted three important protection points of Nevşehir during the Seljuk Period. During this period, a dense population lived around Uçhisar Castle, which was a "frontier principality". It is known that during these periods, Kayseri Bey's brother was Uçhisar Bey. II of the Ottoman Principality. After dominating the region with Beyazıt in 1398, Uçhisar Castle was built during II. It is known that he surrendered to Beyazıt. In the first census conducted in 1530, it was determined that approximately 3 thousand people lived in Uçhisar. It was lived in and around it until the 1960s.

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