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ITG-132-Bursa Old Tree

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"Inkaya Plane Tree", which is one of the symbols of Bursa and turns 610 this year, has the distinction of being the "liveliest plane tree" planted during the Ottoman period.
According to the information received from the Bursa Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, the natural wonder tree located in the central Osmangazi district of Bursa takes its name from the village of İnkaya on the Bursa-Uludağ Road, one of the first villages of the Ottoman Empire.
İnkaya Plane Tree is located at the foothills of Uludağ in Bursa and has a history of approximately 610 years. It is stated that the plane tree, which takes its name from İnkaya Village, one of the first villages of the Ottoman Empire, has witnessed almost the entire period of the Ottoman Empire.

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