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“ Gobeklitepe ”

What do you think of a little taste buds in the city of prophets Şanlıurfa, Göbeklitepe and in Harran where time has stood still? Fly to Mesopotamia for one night and spend 2 days and one night in the area with us as a taster. We fly you with renowned domestic airlines and your accommodation will be in middle class hotels of the country category. All entrances included in the price. Finally, you should definitely book 2 lunches and the evening program Sıragecesi separately.

Mankind History getting rewritten

History needs to be rewritten! Be witness to the new historiography. What our ancestors built in the region around 12,800 years ago is beyond imagination. Excavations in Göbeklitepe changed a lot of stored historical knowledge and information. Most importantly, scientists have many questions to answer. They assumed that the people first created a permanent living space and then felt the need to believe in something. But in Göbeklitepe this theory has now expired. This is your opportunity to be a witness.

Locals Favorite Restaurant “Şanlıurfa Irfan Sofrası”

Have lunch at a local Lokanta/Ocakbaşı in Şanlıurfa. This is a restaurant run by the owner Irfan and mostly local people eat here. The special thing about Irfan Sofrası is that everything is made according to tradition. So really regional tastes that you should definitely try. Some dishes could be very spicy!!! Ask your guide 

Harran where time stopss

Harran was once the dwelling place of the prophet Abraham, it is believed that his father died here. Also known for its Trullihouses, the houses built in an ancient style are still in very good condition. Fascinate how the dome was built with bricks. Among other things also famous with the first İslam University in the world. An astronomy tower is also at home here. The oldest stone-decorated Umayyad Mosque in Anatolia is built here. The region is shaped by different cultures from thousands of years. Harran where time has actually stood still. You will feel the region's past with every breath you take.

Are you ready for feast of taste ? “Harran Siçir Tabağı”

This is a traditional dish of the Harran region. A simple dish for the shepherd. The shepherds get a part of the dish from every animal owner when he goes through the prairie with the whole herd, he already has his food with him. He just has to bring the ingredients together. The ingredients are basically enough for a few days while the shepherd is away. Here we prepare dishes from beef, lamb, chicken or just vegetables for you. Look forward to a feast for the palate It will be very tasty.



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